GA Buyers

We recommend all of our buyers set up an appointment before coming to our dealership. This way we can provide you with the highest level of service and make sure that the vehicle you are interested in is still available. We buy our cars from different auctions and if we do not get enough data on the history of the vehicle, we use an AutoCheck report. This source is never 100% accurate, some of the information does not make it to these history reports so we recommend that our customers come for a pre-purchase inspection. Registration paperwork can take about two to three weeks to complete. When your title is transferred we will send you the registration either via mail or email . You can also check the status of your paperwork by calling 678-888-0888. Customer will have to pay a tag fee at the DMV. We will not hand you the title even if you paid cash for your vehicle - the state of Georgia does not allow us to do so. We are required to provide passed GA emissions copy if you live in a certain county. Please confirm with your sales rep if you need an emissions. If so, please ask a copy of an emissions report or you can go online to and enter the VIN # of you car to make sure if it has current emissions.

Department hours

4430 Lawrenceville Hwy NW, Lilburn, GA 30047