Welcome to Atlanta Used Cars Sales in Lilburn GA

Welcome to Atlanta Used Cars

Almost 20 years ago, we opened our doors on a quest to bring a variety of quality vehicles to our customers. Over the years we've helped many of our cars find new homes with great owners who love their vehicle. We would like to thank all who have supported us and our vision to where we plan to be in the next couple of years. We have grown in many ways and always aim to improve on all aspects in business and in life to bring you high quality cars. We will continue to make our efforts speak for themselves and excel to provide you the best car-buying experience we have to offer.

What Our Customers Say

I traveled from New England to buy a Volvo XC60 without exposure to road salt. Cedric was upbeat, attentive and helpful with my thorough inspection, test drive and check-out. Unlike most dealers, there was no pressure to buy extended warranties and service plans. The low fuel light came on during the my test drive. After the paperwork was completed, Cedric drove the ... vehicle to a nearby gas station and put in $10. I believe few salesman would have bothered after closing the deal. The dealer lot is quite packed. No worries, let the salesman jockey the cars.
Atlanta Used Cars Sales